What’s Happening Right Now

Right now, Harry and I want to change the focus of the Santa Barbara Bird Farm away from producing birds and towards the provision of comprehensive behavioral work with birds already in homes. This change means that we will be raising, effective immediately, no more baby birds. I want to write more, provide increased professional assistance to other dedicated psittacine caregivers, and go back to work, all of which is happening now along with supportive changes at SBBF.

Harry and I continue with unwavering dedication to the birds on our property. Some of them were wild caught and have known no captive home but this one. We want to keep all the birds we currently have, but we don’t want to produce more chicks in order to maintain our aviaries. Instead, pairs have been moved into adjacent aviaries so they can be with each other, but not breed. Other pairs have their breeding activities gently interrupted with enrichment. We will continue to manage each pair with sensitivity and high regard for the sacrifices they made in order to live in this foreign land. Opportunities to improve parenting will be denied no unproven pair, but artificial means of increasing production will not be used anymore at SBBF.