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The updates to the Wild Parrots of Santa Barbara including photos and a question form
Wild Parrots Update - Update soon

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A Day at Santa Barbara Bird Farm - A Photo Essay
See psittacine birds in the home as they grow. Included: pictures 18 year old companion Eclectus, Cella, as she
Updates in Avian Behavior and Development. Review written work by or about renown author, Phoebe Linden.
New Height Directions
Read testimonials from people who have used Phoebe's techniques on their parrots' problem behaviors. You'll be surprised by their results.
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Now available on CD! Abundace Weaning Revisited. The Compiled Works of Phoebe Greene Linden. Read a little more about the book that revolutionized how we feed, fledge and care for avian companions.
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