Read comments from people who have used Phoebe's techniques on their parrots' problem behaviors. You'll be surprised by their results.

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Clients Who Care for Santa Barbara Bird Farm Hand Raised Psittacine Birds:
Comments from a few Behavioral Consultation Clients.
  Big Boo  
Feather Picking
Phoebe, we are so glad we called you when our 6 year old African Grey, Slately, started feather picking. We had just about given up in frustration because we thought we were doing everything right. Our consultations with you opened up huge doors in our relationship with Slately and as we worked together, we not only enriched our daily lives, Slatey’s picking completely ceased. Should other problems with Slatey arise in the future, we will definitely call you again.
Jan and Bob S., Minnesota.
PickleI really appreciate how you were able to understand the screaming problem of Cisco, my 12 year old Blue and Gold macaw. Not only did our consultations help me understand why Cisco was screaming, but you gave everyone in my family something they could do to help Cisco become a more valued member of our family. Now we enjoy our peaceful evenings again and best of all, Cisco is far happier, too.
Geneva W, New York
I admit, at first I expected you to wave a magic wand and immediately rid Punky, my yellow naped Amazon, of his nasty biting habits. Instead, what our consultations taught me is how to use a well-defined process to improve communication and companionship between Punky and me. The result is that he hardly ever bites me anymore but if he does, I understand the bite and clear up the misunderstandings between us. Our mutual trust continues to grow. Plus, he just loves the new foods and products you recommended.
Howard T, Connecticut
    Flock Dynamics
Now I know that I bought too many parrots too quickly - after all, 6 large birds in three years is a lot. Still, when other experts told me to find some of them homes, you drew on your own experiences in a multi-bird household to help me find ways to minimize work but still have a happy flock in an enriched environment. I am impressed with the scope of your experience, Phoebe - you understand my frightened Pionus, skittish Grey, wild caught Amazon, bossy Eclectus, loveable Macaw and sweet parakeet. Thank you so much.
Nadia R, California
    Eating Skill Development: From Weaning to AdulthoodWeaning
Your advice helped save the life of our unweaned Grey, Bosco. Although the pet store told us he was weaned, as soon as we spoke with you, we knew that he didn’t have a complete set of eating skills. Because it addresses all the developmental stages, your Abundance Weaning techniques helped us figure out where Bosco needed help. Today, I am happy to report that, at 10 months of age, he eats greens, yams, peas, squash, carrots, beans and fresh peppers every day. By the way, thanks for the advice of teaching Bosco how to shower, too!
Marcia and Lou M, Arizona
    Learning and Enrichment
When I won a consultation with you at a seminar I recently attended, I had no idea what I was getting into! The amount of great information you gave me in just one session encouraged me to unlock the learning potential of my two Cockatoos, Bella and Angel. They totally enjoy their new life because now every day includes something fun and special for them - and me - to enjoy.
Christiane S., Victoria, B.C.