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Roses Pet Emporium: Fresh nuts, Roudybush, SBBF Seed, great toys, efficient service, cute site.




    www.birdtalk.com: Check out articles by Pamela Clark, Chris Davis, Rebecca Sweat, Liz Wilson, CVT., and others.  
    www.parrotmag.com: International, informative, fresh. Articles by EB Cravens, Ray Dorge, Phoebe Linden, and others.  
    Avian Enrichment and Boarding: Deb Stambul, "will do my very best to inspire care with 
good food and enrichment, restrict breeding, and keep our wild 
friends in the wild as much as possible."

    Recommended Reading: Psittacine Companionship:  
    Abundantly Avian: The Collected Works of Phoebe Greene Linden Now on CD  
    Handbook of Avian Articles, Liz Wilson, CVT  
    Thought Provoking  


World Parrot Trust

Parrots International


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